Spinal Hyperextension Orthosis

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You have just received a device that was provided to assist you with the function of your Spine. The device is specific to Trauma and Osteoporosis fractures of the Vertebrae. Specific in function, that it is worn on the FRONT of your body.

Why do I need it?

The bones, or vertebrae that make up your spine, are very strong, but sometimes, a vertebrae can fracture just like any bone in your body. Vertebrae fractures are usually due to such conditions as: Osteoporosis (a condition that weakens bones), a very hard fall, excessive pressure or some kind of physical injury. When a bone in the spine collapses, it is known as a Vertebral Compression Fracture. These fractures happen most commonly in the Thoracic spine (the middle portion of the spine) particularly in the lower vertebrae of the Thoracic spine.

Applying the device

While lying face up in bed, the orthosis is positioned over a protective shirt (smooth fabric to avoid pressure marks on your skin). Keeping your spine as straight as possible, place the device centered on the FRONT of your body just below your neck (on the sternum) to the lower area towards the crotch (Pubic area), paying particular attention that the fit is snug and comfortable. Attach any straps that were provided around your lower back and if provided, over your shoulders. Make sure that it is in the proper position when standing and check that all straps are comfortable and secure.

How long should I wear my Hyperextension orthosis?

Your Hyperextension orthosis has been designed
specifically for you. Wear the device as instructed by your practitioner as different orthoses have different wearing schedules


  • Remember to ‘Ask Questions’ if you are not sure of anything regarding your
  • When sitting, place a small pillow in the back (lumbar) area and sit as straight up as possible for more comfort
  • Clean device with hypoallergenic soap and water. Do not immerse

Check the device for

  • Any loose strap attachments
  • Cracks, worn areas, sharp edges
  • Check that all screws are in position and
  • Should you have questions, Contact your practitioner prior to wearing the orthosis.