We design upper extremity prosthetics that improve function and appearance.

We’re experts at designing and fitting all types of upper extremity prosthetics, from partial hand devices to replacement of the entire shoulder girdle.

We begin by capturing the precise parameters of your residual limb using casts or digital photography. Then, utilizing computer-assisted design, our engineers develop and produce a device that perfectly fits the shape of your body. One key to a successful upper extremity replacement is the prosthetic hand. You have several choices, each with its own advantages.

A passive prosthetic hand does not open or close but provides a pleasing appearance.

Electric prosthetic hands allow you to grasp items, and also have a natural appearance.

Grippers and hooks, on the other hand, are better adapted for using items like a screwdriver, or picking up a key, and can lift heavier objects.

Each of these devices, except the passive hand, can be electrically controlled in a variety of ways to give you greater use and flexibility. Your practitioner will provide you the options, and explain the benefits or drawbacks of each system.