We’ll help you regain the mobility to do what you enjoy.

We produce more lower extremity prosthetics than any other kind, and we offer a variety of devices. We have extensive experience with all levels of lower limb prosthetics, from partial foot, to below the knee, to above the knee, to hip and pelvic replacements.

We begin by capturing the precise parameters of your residual limb through casts or digital photography. Using our Tracer CAD software, we take front and side images and manufacture an exact mirror image prosthetic. We can even closely match your skin tone for greater realism. And, should you have problems in the future, we can rescan your residual limb, compare it by overlapping the original images, and see exactly what changes need to be made.

We design prosthetics for lower limbs based on your needs. Do you need to perform manual labor on your job, or do you work in an office? Do you want to participate in athletics, or in active hobbies? How important are cosmetic considerations? Your practitioner will help you evaluate these and other questions, and will design a prosthesis that will give you the precise level of functionality you require.

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To learn more about our BiOM device, watch the video below.