Prosthetics & Orthotics

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At Excel, Experience + Technology = Quality of Life.

At Excel, our industry-leading prosthetics and orthotics begin with an experienced, professional team of certified practitioners and technicians. They put the latest computer technology and their innovative thinking to work for you.




The result? Prosthetic and orthotic devices that help restore your mobility. Your functionality. Your self-reliance.

And your pride.

Fabrication Techniques

Excel has a team of experienced and certified technicians that build custom orthotic and prosthetic devices in our main facility.

Our fully integrated facility ensures that patients receive the best care possible by employing enhanced scanning and digital mapping and on-site prosthetic engineering. During every initial evaluation, we capture the exact parameters of a patient’s residual limb through digital scanning. Computer aided machines are utilized to carve out an exact mold of the patient’s residuum allowing our engineers to develop and produce a socket that fits perfectly to the shape of the patient’s body. The result is a prosthetic that helps restore mobility and functionality, and more importantly, self-reliance.

When the passion is rebuilding lives one step at a time, Excel Prosthetics is the right choice!