Limb Loss Recovery

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We’ll help you find comfort in a confusing time.

Each year, more than 130,000 people face the amputation of a limb.

The vast majority, more than 80 percent, are done as a result of complications from diabetes and vascular disease. Traumatic accidents account for the next largest group, largely due to automobile accidents and workplace incidents.


Another aspect of limb loss issues concerns people born with congenital birth deficiencies. Parents of babies born without full limbs often face difficult questions about when, or if, they should proceed with a full amputation in order to allow a prosthetic replacement.

Everyone at Excel understands the tough physical and emotional considerations you’re going through at a time like this. Our extensive experience doesn’t just help us in manufacturing an appropriate prosthesis; it also helps us be compassionate and empathetic as you come to terms with changing circumstances.

We’ll listen, and share the experiences we’ve had with other patients. We’ll help you through the logistical issues of insurance clearance, filing claims, and payment plans. And we’ll put you in touch with others who are going through or have gone through what you’re facing now.

Because you deserve more than a good prosthesis. You deserve peace of mind.