Insurance & Financial Aid

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How to maximize your insurance – and get financial aid, if necessary.

Most of our services are covered by private health insurance or by Medicare Part B. Did you know that the percentage of the total cost covered varies from company to company, and you’re usually responsible for a portion of the cost via your co-pay?

It pays to make sure your provider participates with Medicare.

Prepare for your visit

Before your first visit, call your insurance company and talk with them about their coverage for prosthetics and orthotics. We’ll do everything possible on our end to give your insurer information about treatment and devices in a way that will maximize your coverage.

As for Medicare, it will pay 80% of its fee schedule for covered prosthetic or orthotic services after your annual deductible has been met. Again, our team will work closely with you so you have the least amount possible in out-of-pocket costs.

Sometimes, insurance plans don’t cover prosthetics, or leave a large amount to the patient’s responsibility. Fortunately, there are organizations set up to help bridge this financial gap.

Some of them include:

  • Limbs for Life Foundation – Providing prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it. 888-235-5462.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services – States may provide financial assistance for prosthetic and orthotic devices. Look in your phone book under “Rehabilitation Services” or “Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • The Veteran’s Administration – Check local area telephone directories for listings in your area.
  • Barr Foundation – Helps purchase prosthetic limbs for amputees who cannot afford them.
  • FREE, the Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment and Endowment – Roanoke organization provides prosthetic and orthotic devices when funds from other sources are not available.
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation – Assists people with physical disabilities in pursuing active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.
  • Crime Victims Fund – A major funding source of services for victims of a crime.