Patient Experience

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We’re here to support you in a difficult time.

At Excel, we treat people and disabilities. How you deal with your disability is as unique as you are. And no one has the same physical condition, lifestyle, and life circumstances you do.

We want your relationship with us to be a positive experience. We’ll listen to you. We’ll care about you, and about your feelings. We won’t be satisfied until you’re making the most of your physical capacity.

You’re going to have questions. Ask them. You may need someone to talk to. We can point you to the right people. We’re going to provide you with a world-class prosthetic or orthotic device. But our greatest pride comes from seeing you moving on and facing with optimism the challenges life brings.

We’re committed to your comfort – even with the paperwork.

It’s not easy making the call and the first visit to talk about a new prosthetic or orthotic. You may be experiencing physical pain, and you may still be dealing emotionally with this major change in your life.

We understand. That’s why we do all in our power to streamline the experience for you.

Of course there’ll be some forms to fill out so we can assure your privacy and begin the process of filing for insurance coverage. Please come in 15-20 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to get this done.

Remember, we’re on your side. We want you to have the device that will provide the highest quality of life possible. So we’ll do all we can to make your experience with us as smooth as possible all along the way.

Talk about the issues concerning you. Listen to the latest news.

Have you been experiencing pain or discomfort with your prosthetic? Has it been a while since you’ve seen a practitioner? Do you have questions about changes that might improve your experience? If you answered yes to any of these, you’ll want to come to The Excel Experience – a combination clinic and information exchange. You don’t have to be an Excel client to attend.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a practitioner for 30 minutes to have your current situation evaluated. You’ll get to hear about the latest technological advances, and how they might improve your experience. And you’ll get to visit with other prosthetic and orthotic patients to share your successes and challenges.