Lumbar Orthosis (LSO)

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You have just received a device that was provided to assist you with the support and function of your Spine. The device is specific to Arthritis, Trauma, Post-Operative stabilization, Osteoporosis, Fractures or Overuse.

Why do I need it?

Muscles and underlying tissues of your lower back can become injured from overuse or disease. Your doctor may prescribe a back support (often officially called an orthosis). The brace supports the back and restricts movement; just as an arm brace would support a fracture of the arm. The brace is well molded to conform tightly to your body, like a cast for any other fracture.

Applying the device

Your flexible Lumbar device (LSO) can be made of many types of materials; elastic, firm fabric, foam or plastic. Most have the opening at the front but some, open at the side. They use laces, straps or Velcro to adjust the snugness and limit motion in your spine. The device works by increasing the pressure over your abdomen using your internal abdominal organs for support on the inside and flexible staves, molded plastic or metal bars for firmness and rigidity on the outside.

Make sure that your LSO is correctly positioned with the top facing UP. (Usually, the label is at the top in the back). In the rear, the lower edge is positioned at the area of the buttocks. Your stomach should not hang out (protrude) from the lower front edge, making sure not to overtighten the device. Snug up the straps from lowest to top, paying particular attention that the fit is snug and comfortable. Attach any straps over your shoulders (if provided). Make sure that your LSO is in the proper position when standing and check that all straps are comfortable and secure.

How long should I wear my device?

Your LSO spinal orthosis has been designed specifically for you. Wear the device as instructed by your practitioner as different orthoses have different wearing schedules.


  • Remember to ‘Ask Questions’ if you are not sure of anything regarding your device
  • When sitting, place a small pillow in the back (lumbar) area and sit as straight up as possible for more comfort
  • Clean device with hypoallergenic soap and water. Do not immerse

Check the device for

  • Any loose strap attachments
  • Should you have questions, Contact your practitioner prior
    to wearing the orthosis.