Foot Care

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Here’s how to keep your sound foot healthy.

When you’ve had a lower limb amputated due to diabetes or vascular disease, it’s more important than ever that you pay special attention to the health of your sound foot. Clean it thoroughly each day. Have a nurse or podiatrist clip your toenails. Wear shoes and socks, never go barefoot.

Custom FO - Trilam and corkCheck your foot daily. If you see any worrisome signs, see your family physician at once for an examination. You need to avoid irritation, such as extreme temperatures, and should do all you can to promote healthy blood flow. Keep your foot elevated when resting, and wiggle your toes and flex your ankles regularly.

And of course, you need to do those things necessary to maintain your good vascular health. Keep your blood sugar under control through a combination of good eating habits and exercise. And don’t smoke, because smoking contributes to circulation problems.