Cervical (Neck) Brace

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You have just received a device that was provided to support your cervical region of your spine. Depending on the reason (Diagnosis), your physician has prescribed the device after a traumatic event, additional support after surgery or to assist you with your ADL (activities of daily living). They can be Soft, Flexible or Rigid in design.

Why do I need it?

Depending on your condition, the device is specifically designed to provide stability of the cervical spine after neck surgery, trauma to the neck, or as an alternative to surgery.

Various Cervical (neck) devices

Prior to donning (applying) the device, you should check the device to make sure it is clean and dry, check it for any cracks, rough or worn areas or loose rivets and straps. Should you find any areas of concern, contact your practitioner prior to wearing the orthosis. There are a number of custom designed and fitted orthoses. Some are one piece and go
around your neck (circumferential), are made of foam, plastic or incorporate metal struts for additional support, more supportive designs can come in front and back halves that join together to create a more rigid shell to offer additional support.

How long should I wear my
Cervical Orthosis?

Depending on the nature of your injury, your physician may order that the orthosis is to be worn full time, at night or just when up and out of bed. Wear the device as instructed by your practitioner as different orthoses have different wearing schedules


  • Remember to ‘Ask Questions’ if you are not sure of anything regarding your device

Check the device for

  • Any loose strap attachments
  • Cracks, worn areas, sharp edges
  • Anything that allows excessive motion (other than as designed)
  • Check that all screws are in position and tight
  • Clean device with hypoallergenic soap and water. Do not immerse.

Check your skin for

  • Abnormal redness
  • Blisters or sores

Washing your hair

It is important to protect the orthosis from excess moisture. Using a ‘Dry’ shampoo such as TRE Semme` Fresh Start, allows you to simply sprinkle it on your hair and brush it thru absorbing the oils and soils.