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Caring for Post-operative Amputation Wounds

At Excel Prosthetics & Orthotics, our practitioners and staff are focused on making sure each and every patient is fully prepared for their new journey as an amputee, from surgery to fitting. One of the most important phases of this process is making sure the wounds on the residual limb heal properly. If improperly cared […]

Noah Smith’s Journey

At Excel Prosthetics & Orthotics, our greatest moments are when we see a patient respond positively to their device and have the opportunity to seriously improve their quality of life. For Noah Smith, the impact his orthoses and prosthesis have had on his life and his family’s lives is almost immeasurable. Noah’s Long Journey Noah […]

How to Help Your Child Adjust to Their Prosthesis

No parent ever imagines that they would have to help their child adjust to life without one of their limbs. Unfortunately, sometimes parents have no other choice. Children who are born with congenital condition or need amputation as a result of illness or trauma will need the support of their family members to help them […]

Caring for Your Residual Limb During Cold Weather

Winter is coming, and that means that you’ll need to care for your residual limb differently than you do in warm weather. As anyone who uses a prosthetic device knows, you have special considerations that people without prosthetics simply can’t relate to. Stay ahead of the game with these tips to care for your residual […]

Inspiring Athletes and their Prosthetic Journeys

The 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo, Japan, are coming up in a few months, and athletes with disabilities and prosthetics in more than twenty sports are busy preparing for a chance of a lifetime: to compete on the world stage. Now with more than 20 sports represented at the Paralympics, from sprinting to table tennis, […]

What to Expect: From Surgery to Fitting

Of the nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States, approximately 54% of those individuals lost their limb as a result of a vascular disease, rather than an accident. That means that over half of amputees have time to prepare mentally and physically for the loss prior to surgery. At Excel […]

Common Ways Orthotics Can Help You Live Better

By definition, an orthosis is a device used to correct, accommodate, or enhance the use of a body part. In the case of an orthosis, the body start is still present but may need assistance in functionality or support. The most common orthotic is is a foot orthotic, but there are numerous types of orthotics for upper […]

Prosthetics vs. Orthotics: What’s the Difference?

While Excel helps individuals who are in need of both prosthetics and orthotics and our doctors can tell you at a glance which one a patient might need; to the general public, the difference may not be as clear. A major part of our job is to educate patients, therapists, local doctors, and the public […]