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What to Expect: From Surgery to Fitting

Of the nearly 2 million people living with limb loss in the United States, approximately 54% of those individuals lost their limb as a result of a vascular disease, rather than an accident. That means that over half of amputees have time to prepare mentally and physically for the loss prior to surgery. At Excel […]

Common Ways Orthotics Can Help You Live Better

By definition, an orthosis is a device used to correct, accommodate, or enhance the use of a body part. In the case of an orthosis, the body start is still present but may need assistance in functionality or support. The most common orthotic is is a foot orthotic, but there are numerous types of orthotics for upper […]

Prosthetics vs. Orthotics: What’s the Difference?

While Excel helps individuals who are in need of both prosthetics and orthotics and our doctors can tell you at a glance which one a patient might need; to the general public, the difference may not be as clear. A major part of our job is to educate patients, therapists, local doctors, and the public […]