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Practitioner Spotlight: Stephen L. Epperly, BOCP, CO

At Excel Prosthetics, our practitioners and staff take pride in assuring that every patient has the opportunity to return to enjoying the same quality of life they led prior to their injury. Stephen Epperly, one of our Orthotist-Prosthetist in Radford, is no exception. He’s been with Excel for the past four years but has been […]

Care Tips for Prosthetics

For many amputees, one prosthetic will need to last a lifetime. That’s why proper care of your prosthetic device is so important. We take the time to care thoroughly for our patients, so why not your device too? Preparation for Your Prosthetic Proper care of your prosthetic starts before you even have it in place. […]

Prosthetics vs. Orthotics: What’s the Difference?

While Excel helps individuals who are in need of both prosthetics and orthotics and our doctors can tell you at a glance which one a patient might need; to the general public, the difference may not be as clear. A major part of our job is to educate patients, therapists, local doctors, and the public […]

Helping an Amputee: Prosthetic Centered Charities

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to the prosthetic community? There are several organizations and causes that could use your help. Here’s a quick look at a few prosthetic centered charities and how to get involved. The True Cost of a Prosthetic Limb For those on the outside, seeing an individual with a prosthetic limb […]

What Is Elevated Vacuum?

Elevated vacuum is a term that describes a particular style suspension utilized in transtibial (below the knee) and transfemoral (above the knee) prosthetic sockets. An electric or mechanical pump is attached to the socket and provides a constant, monitored suction; pulling the liner and the patient’s residual limb towards the inner socket walls. This vacuum […]

Custom Fit vs. Custom Fabricated

We get a lot of questions about the difference between ‘custom fit’ and ‘custom fabricated’. The distinction can get a little gray or fuzzy. The most important criteria between the two refers to time of usage. Custom Fit is typically for acute usage (3-6 months). While Custom Fabricated devices are designed to be used long-term or […]

TORCH Walker

TORCH Walker (Total contact Orthotic Restraining Custom Hybrid) combines the support and positioning of a traditional AFO with the accommodation and functionality of custom molded footwear. A triple density custom insole and a rocker bottom with SACH heel are standard features. The TORCH offers a multitude of diagnosis specific modifications and options to accommodate any […]