At Excel Prosthetics & Orthotics, our greatest moments are when we see a patient respond positively to their device and have the opportunity to seriously improve their quality of life. For Noah Smith, the impact his orthoses and prosthesis have had on his life and his family’s lives is almost immeasurable.

Noah’s Long Journey

Noah Smith was born with a congenital heart defect called tetralogy of fallot. With four structural defects in his heart, he has faced a long road of challenging surgeries and related health problems. With the unrelenting support of his parents and older brother, Blake, he continues to be warrior on his journey to stable health.

As a result of CHD, Noah lost his right foot and most of his left foot. As a result, his residual limb suffered from contractions of the muscle, preventing him from straightening at his knees. After visits with multiple prosthetic providers, they couldn’t find a device that would properly support the straightening of his legs that was light enough for him to comfortably wear. Noah’s parents had all but given up until they reached out to Hank Hinshaw, CPO at our Lewisburg clinic. While Noah’s case was challenging, he felt confident he could provide a device that could make a difference in Noah’s life.

Hear about his experience from his mother, Tonya Smith:


Since working with Hank, Noah has been gradually able to straighten his legs thanks to his lightweight orthosis. He is also able to wear a prosthetic foot on his right limb and will be receiving surgery to allow his left limb to utilize a prosthetic foot later this year. With the help of a team of caring healthcare professionals, Noah’s family feels confident that one day Noah may be able to walk on his own – an accomplishment they never dreamed of.

You can follow Noah’s progress on Facebook at Noah’s Heart Journey.