Many people take walking comfortably for granted. At Excel Prosthetics & Orthotics, we’re dedicated to keeping our patients walking with comfort by offering custom orthotics and diabetic shoes.

Meet Richard Spice, Pedorthist and Custom Orthotic Fitter

Richard Spice, C.Ped, CFo is our go to guy for all things custom foot orthotics. He joined the Excel team in 2012 after 12 years fitting custom orthotic shoes and gaining dual certification as a pedorthist and orthotic fitter at a shoe store. Here, he fits patients with custom orthotics, arch support inserts, and diabetic shoes to help them manage pain and mobility limitations.

“I wanted to work in a more clinical setting where he could work with veterans instead of being looked at as a shoe salesman,” says Spice. “Here, I walk into the room knowing what’s going on with the patient and don’t have to spend time convincing them I’m qualified to give them the best possible care.”

Spice was an athlete and served in the military. As a veteran who suffered from his own lower extremity injuries, he has a soft spot for serving veteran patients. Whether it’s his own patients or prosthetic patients, he actively works as a patient advocate to assure that each veteran is getting the care they deserve. He strives to prevent the need for amputation with his care.

“I bend over backwards to make sure my patients don’t have any problems,” he says. “We don’t charge for follow up appointments and want to give them the freedom to come in whenever they want if a device isn’t working for them.”

He’s diligent about making sure his patients know that those follow up appointments are free. Just like any other medial service, if something isn’t working it needs to be resolved and can often be fixed in as little as five minutes. 

Leveraging His Own Experience in the Clinic

Two years ago, Spice went through his own amputation journey after multiple surgeries trying to manage his own injury. As a below the knee amputee, he also provides guidance and support to patients contemplating or recovering from amputation. 

His dedication to genuine support in care shows in the feedback he gets from his patients. A good day at work for Spice is when he gets a hug from a veteran or a drawing from a grandchild who’s grandma is now able to play outside with them. 

Outside of the Clinic

Outside of work, Spice spends time with his recent wife and their combined family. His hobbies include umpiring for the local little league and playing guitar. Originally from Northern Indiana, he especially appreciates the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the more temperate climate.