At Excel Prosthetics & Orthotics, our bottom line focuses on patient outcomes. When a patient feels comfortable in both the fit and look of their prosthetic, the device is used more and the patient is able to be more active. Our ultimate goal is to help patients return to a certain level of mobility they may not have had before amputation. 

It is with this goal in mind that our leadership continues to seek out new ways to provide a custom fit, design, and experience for each and every one of our patients. Here are just of a few ways we are leveraging technology to help patients get back to daily life faster and more satisfied.

CanFit 3-D CAD Software

 In 2018, Excel took measures to improve both the quality and efficiency of their prosthetic production. We wanted to reduce time that the patient spent waiting for their device and make sure it fit right the first time. Enter the Canfit 3-D CAD Software with our 3-axis carver. By starting from a 3-D patient mold or a cast, we’re able to use our automated carver to produce a mold with precision in under 10 minutes. 

3-D Printing 

At the end of last year, we also incorporated 3-D printing into our tool-belt of technology. The precision that comes with the 3-D printing of a prothetic or orthotic is unmatched. When combined with 3-D CAD software, manufacturing the ideal fit and function for our patients is almost effortless. It has helped us build lighter, more comfortable, and better performing devices. 


Beyond function, form is a key element in patient satisfaction. When a device comes a part of day to day life, it should integrate seamlessly. That’s why we encourage patients to customize the look of their device to match their personality or support any environmental factors they’d need to consider. Previously, we used fabric wraps for our prosthetics to give them a personal touch.

In 2019, we began offering a hydrographics option to make them even more customizable. Patients are able to choose from a catalogue of a wide variety of patterns for their prosthesis.  We then size a sheet of hydrographic film to be laid into a submersion tank for application. After activating the film, we simply submerge the device into the tank and let the water transfer the design

When all is said and done, the most simple form of technology we use to make our patients happy isn’t even a device. It’s our people. Fancy tools mean nothing if they aren’t paired with patient-centered care and a welcoming staff. Learn more about we can customize your prosthetic or orthotic to fit your daily life.