At Excel Prosthetics, our practitioners and staff take pride in assuring that every patient has the opportunity to return to enjoying the same quality of life they led prior to their injury. Stephen Epperly, one of our Orthotist-Prosthetist in Radford, is no exception. He’s been with Excel for the past four years but has been helping individuals meet their personal goals with prosthetics and orthotics for the past twenty-five years.

“I worked at a few other places before joining Excel, but this position gave me the opportunity to bring my family back to where I was born and raised,” says Stephen Epperly.

As a Southwest Virginia native, Stephen Epperly grew up seeing the impact that our devices can have on someone’s life. His mother contracted polio at the age of four but was able to persevere with braces. As he grew up watching his mother have the ability to function and raise him, he set his sights on a career in finding ways to help individuals with “different abilities”.

“I don’t call it a disability. I call it a different ability,” he says. He wholeheartedly believes that individuals with physical limitations can still live life to the fullest.

After exploring the world of physical therapy and sports medicine, he had the chance to hear a local Orthotist speak at his school. After learning how braces can be used to help athletes recover and perform, he decided to spend some time shadowing the practice. The rest, as he says, is history.

Stephen Epperly demonstrates a distinct drive to do his very best each day to give the patients the best care he has available to him. This includes leveraging the helpful team of technicians and staff at Excel Prosthetics. He says it’s one of the most valuable parts about working for Excel.

“You hear a lot of people talk about a team environment, but at Excel, it is by far the best place that I’ve worked at,” claims Stephen Epperly. “It truly is a team approach where everyone is willing to help one another out to help our patients achieve their best.”

While Stephen Epperly has a soft spot for working with pediatric patients, he takes pride in helping anyone in need. He sees himself as another member in their medical team that can help them utilize their different ability to become as active in their daily life as possible. Whether that means reducing pain, helping them walk again, or improving their overall quality of life – he’s ready and eager to help.